Workers are the key to your business success, especially when they’re skilled and dedicated longtime employees. To keep your enterprise running smoothly, it’s important to protect them and yourself with the right workers’ compensation insurance.

That way, if a worker is injured on the job everyone is protected and your business is less likely to be affected. Protecting your workers adequately is smart business.

Whether it’s called workers’ compensation, workmen’s compensation, or worker compensation, this form of insurance is a state-mandated program which covers both lost wages and medical expenses that result from an employee’s work-related illness or injury.

Importantly, it also pays for services such as therapy and rehabilitation to help the employee return to work.

Workers compensation

Workmen’s compensation insurance is vital to your business for several reasons: Not only is it required by law for most businesses, it also allows an injured worker to move forward after an accident while reducing labor complaints and legal actions.

Just as importantly, the right workers compensation insurance gives your other employees the confidence, loyalty and productivity to perform tasks that you need accomplished in order for your business to remain profitable.

Work with the business insurance professionals

Given the scope and necessity of worker’s compensation insurance programs, the best way to make sure that your company has the required coverage at the lowest price is to work with a leader in business insurance such as Girard Insurance Services.

At Girard, we have nearly 25 years of experience in customizing business insurance to make sure you have exactly the coverage you want, at a price you can afford. You’ll want enough insurance, yet you’ll also want to ensure that it’s economical for your bottom line.

Our workmen compensation specialists can answer all your questions and explain the full range of options that are available to protect your workers and your business.

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