Truck driver insurance is necessary for anyone who owns or operates a trucking business, no matter how large or small. Whether you’re a solo owner operator or you run a large fleet, you’ll want to make sure that you have adequate commercial trucking insurance at an affordable price. We can help.

Girard Insurance Services provides a variety of truck driver insurance programs tailored to meet your exact needs. After learning about your business, we can make sure that you’re protected.

The types and amounts of coverage that you need will depend on which kinds of cargoes you haul, and where you travel. Here are the general categories of truck driver insurance:

Basic trucking insurance

A basic owner operator insurance package often consists of collision damage insurance as well as comprehensive coverage. Collision insurance covers the expense of damage to another vehicle during an accident for which you are at fault, and the damage to your own vehicle.

Comprehensive insurance is similar to ordinary car insurance, since it covers the expense of repairs to your vehicle following damage from an event other than a collision.

Specialized trucking insurance

To stay protected in the trucking business, you’ll want coverage for all possible scenarios which might arise involving a truck. Yet, you’ll also need to keep the price of the insurance affordable. We can help by crafting a custom package to meet your precise needs.

Beyond the basic truck driver coverage, if you haul cargo for your customers you need commercial vehicle liability insurance which covers injuries and damages to others. And, most shippers will require that you carry motor truck cargo insurance to cover damages that may occur while you’re hauling their loads.

Non-trucking insurance for truck drivers

You should also consider whether you need one or more types of insurance that aren’t directly related to hauling cargo. For example, bobtail insurance covers you when you’re traveling without a trailer, between loads.

And, occupational accident insurance generally covers you or your drivers for medical costs from serious injuries that occur while you’re driving.

Work with the trucking insurance specialists at Girard Insurance Services

Whatever kind of trucking you do, we can help protect you and your family, as well as your workers and your business. We’ll answer all your questions, and we’ll create a custom truck driver insurance policy that meets all your needs at the lowest prices.

Most importantly, we’re known for providing the trucking industry’s fastest, easiest claim services.

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